Logo / Artwork Requirements

If you are supplying a Logo, Sponsor, Crest or other artwork for use in Dye Sublimation or Print on your garment, these are best supplied to us as editable VECTOR files

VECTOR files are formats such as .eps, .ai (Adobe Illustrator) and some .pdf files.

Vector files are editable, and can be scaled up or down without loss of quality, ensuring your artwork will look crisp and clear at any size.

RASTER files such as .png, .jpeg, .jpg and .tif are not editable.

If you require embroidery we can use any file however there will always be a set up charge for digitising your logo.  

VECTOR @ 300% Enlarged

Logo vector resolution example

RASTER @ 300% Enlarged

Logo raster resolution example

IMPORTANT: You cannot simply save a Raster file in a Vector format.

It's not uncommon to not have an EPS of your logo (as many PCs don't natively support opening such files) but your Designer / Web Guy / Sign Maker / Printer may have one on file.

If you are unable to supply vector files, a re-draw service is available, cost will be determined upon supply of files.