List of some present Schools we deal with in this field.  Each customers needs to have a page for themselves.  These pages need to show images of the school, pictures of our kit, references from the school, links to the webshop (direct or through trader), comments from the trader and detailing the advantages of why we user traders.   

PE / Sports Product available.  Link to our stock colourways binders. 

Sports Playing Kit that is available.  Show a list of all the sports we can supply bespoke playing kit for.  For the ones that we have kitbuilders created for - so the link and the ones we do not show a cad of the products.   

Tour Kit - detail how we can supply stock and bespoke kit for up and coming school sports trips.  Describe how we can supply these through webshops or bulk orders. 

Staff Kit - show link to our staff kit brochure.  Show a list of some of our present schools that we supply staff kit to

Sandwell Academy, King Charles I, etc. and links to the webshops.

Voucher systems - explain how we can supply vouchers that are purchased by the school and then the staff can purchase direct from the webshop and this does not have to be the responsibility of a staff member.